Miami Marlins Top 10 Prospects {2024 Latest List}

Miami Marlins Top 10 Prospects
Miami Marlins Top 10 Prospects

In this list, you’ll discover the top 10 prospects who are ready to make a splash in the big leagues. From power-hitting outfielder J.J. Bleday to ace-caliber pitcher Sixto Sanchez, this talented group is bursting with potential. Keep an eye on dynamic middle infielder Jazz Chisholm and electric right-handed pitcher Edward Cabrera as they showcase their skills on the field.

Don’t forget about high-velocity pitching prospect Max Meyer and left-handed prospect Braxton Garrett, who are sure to turn heads with their impressive performances. With toolsy outfielder Jesus Sanchez, athletic power hitter Monte Harrison, and left-handed pitching prospect Trevor Rogers also in the mix, the Marlins’ future is looking bright.

Miami Marlins Top 10 Prospects

Miami Marlins Top 10 Prospects
Miami Marlins Top 10 Prospects

1) J.J. Bleday – Power-Hitting Outfielder

  • If you’re looking for a power-hitting outfielder in the Miami Marlins organization, J.J. Bleday is the player to watch. With his impressive offensive production potential, Bleday has the ability to make a significant impact on the team’s lineup.
  • As the fourth overall pick in the 2019 MLB Draft, Bleday has already proven himself as a formidable force at the plate. His strength and bat speed allow him to generate impressive power, making him a threat to hit home runs and drive in runs consistently. Bleday’s disciplined approach and ability to make solid contact also contribute to his offensive prowess. With his combination of power and consistency, Bleday has the potential to become a key contributor to the Marlins’ success in the future.

2) Sixto Sanchez – Ace-Caliber Pitcher

  • Sixto Sanchez is an ace-caliber pitcher in the Miami Marlins organization. With his electric fastball and impressive command, Sanchez has the potential to become a future ace pitcher and make a significant impact on the Marlins’ rotation.
  • While his fastball is his primary weapon, Sanchez has been working on developing his secondary pitches to further enhance his effectiveness on the mound. The refinement of his slider and changeup has been crucial in his journey to becoming an ace-caliber pitcher. By having a diverse repertoire of pitches, Sanchez can keep hitters off balance and generate more swings and misses. This development of his secondary pitches has played a pivotal role in his success and will continue to be a key aspect of his growth as a top-tier pitcher.

3) Jazz Chisholm – Dynamic Middle Infielder

  • Continuing from the discussion of Sixto Sanchez, you’ll now learn about Jazz Chisholm, a dynamic middle infielder in the Miami Marlins organization. Chisholm, a left-handed hitter, possesses impressive defensive skills and base running ability that set him apart from other prospects in the Marlins system. At just 23 years old, Chisholm has already shown tremendous range and quickness in the field, making difficult plays look routine. His arm strength and accuracy allow him to make strong throws from deep in the hole or on the run.
  • On the bases, Chisholm exhibits great speed and instincts, consistently stealing bases and taking the extra base whenever possible. His ability to create havoc on the bases puts pressure on opposing pitchers and catchers, making him a valuable asset in any lineup. With his combination of defensive skills and base running ability, Chisholm has the potential to become a standout player in the Marlins organization.

4) Edward Cabrera – Electric Right-Handed Pitcher

  • You frequently witness the electrifying pitching of Edward Cabrera, a talented right-hander in the Miami Marlins organization. Cabrera’s electric pitching mechanics make him a standout prospect. His delivery is smooth and explosive, generating tremendous power behind his pitches.
  • One of the most impressive aspects of Cabrera’s game is his ability to consistently increase his fastball velocity. Through dedicated training and development, he’s seen a significant improvement in his fastball over the years. Starting in the low 90s, Cabrera now regularly hits the upper 90s with his heater. This increase in velocity has made his fastball even more devastating, as it explodes towards home plate with late movement. With his electric pitching mechanics and the continued development of his fastball velocity, Cabrera has the potential to become a dominant force on the mound for the Miami Marlins.

5) Max Meyer – High-Velocity Pitching Prospect

  • Moving on to another exciting pitching prospect in the Miami Marlins organization, let’s focus on Max Meyer and his impressive high-velocity pitching abilities. Meyer, the third overall pick in the 2020 MLB Draft, has wasted no time making an impact in the minor leagues. With a fastball that regularly reaches the upper 90s and a devastating slider, Meyer has quickly become one of the top prospects in the Marlins’ system. His electric stuff and ability to consistently throw strikes have scouts buzzing about his potential.
  • While it’s still early in his professional career, Meyer has shown the potential to be a future ace in the Marlins’ rotation. With his exceptional pitching arsenal, it won’t be long before we see Meyer make his MLB debut and showcase his talents on the biggest stage.

6) Lewin Diaz – Promising First Baseman

  • After witnessing Max Meyer’s high-velocity pitching prowess, it’s now time to shift our focus to Lewin Diaz, a promising first baseman in the Miami Marlins organization. Diaz has all the tools to be a potential breakout player for the Marlins. Standing at 6’4′ and weighing 225 pounds, Diaz possesses an imposing presence at the plate. His raw power is evident, as he consistently drives the ball with authority to all fields.
  • Diaz’s offensive production has been on the rise, as he showcased his ability to hit for both average and power in the minor leagues. With his smooth swing and excellent plate discipline, Diaz has the potential to become a force in the Marlins’ lineup and make a significant impact in the major leagues. Keep an eye on this promising first baseman as he continues his development within the Marlins organization.

7) Braxton Garrett – Left-Handed Pitching Prospect

  • Braxton Garrett’s left-handed pitching potential makes him a standout prospect for the Miami Marlins. Despite a history of injuries, Garrett has shown resilience and the ability to bounce back stronger. His fastball sits in the low 90s and he complements it with a sharp curveball and a developing changeup. Garrett’s smooth delivery and excellent command allow him to consistently locate his pitches and keep hitters off balance.
  • The Marlins see immense potential in him, envisioning him as a future staple in their rotation. If Garrett can stay healthy and continue to refine his arsenal, he has the potential to make a significant impact at the big league level. His left-handed presence and ability to induce ground balls make him a valuable asset for the Marlins’ pitching staff.

8) Jesus Sanchez – Toolsy Outfielder

  • As we shift our focus to Jesus Sanchez, a toolsy outfielder, his impressive skill set adds yet another dynamic element to the Miami Marlins’ prospect pool. Sanchez’s defensive skills are a standout aspect of his game. He possesses excellent range and a strong arm, allowing him to make plays in all areas of the outfield. His ability to track fly balls and take efficient routes to the ball makes him a reliable defender.
  • Additionally, Sanchez’s contact-hitting ability is noteworthy. He consistently puts the bat on the ball and has shown an aptitude for making solid contact. His compact swing and ability to adjust to different pitches make him a tough out for opposing pitchers. With his defensive skills and contact-hitting ability, Sanchez has the potential to become an impactful player at the major league level.

9) Monte Harrison – Athletic Outfielder With Power

  • Developing his skills as an athletic outfielder with power, Monte Harrison brings an impressive combination of speed and strength to the Miami Marlins’ prospect pool. Harrison’s athleticism is evident in his ability to cover ground in the outfield, making him a valuable asset defensively. With his quick reflexes and strong arm, he’s the potential to become a standout defensive player at the major league level.
  • However, it’s his power-hitting ability that truly sets him apart. Harrison possesses a natural swing and generates significant bat speed, allowing him to drive the ball with authority. His raw power gives him the potential to be a consistent threat in the power-hitting department. As he continues to refine his skills, Harrison has the opportunity to become a dynamic force in the Marlins’ lineup, providing a lethal combination of athleticism and power.

10) Trevor Rogers – Left-Handed Pitching Prospect

  • Continuing the discussion of Miami Marlins’ top prospects, let’s now turn our attention to Trevor Rogers, an exciting left-handed pitching prospect. Rogers, a first-round pick in the 2017 MLB Draft, has shown promising development in the Marlins’ farm system. Known for his impressive fastball and solid secondary pitches, Rogers has the potential to make a significant impact in the Marlins’ rotation.
  • Standing at 6’6′, his height gives him a distinct advantage on the mound, allowing him to create a downhill plane that makes it difficult for hitters to make solid contact. With his ability to generate swings and misses, Rogers has the potential to become a key contributor for the Marlins in the near future. Among the left-handed pitching prospects in the Marlins’ farm system, Rogers stands out as one with immense potential and a bright future ahead.


After analyzing the Miami Marlins’ top 10 prospects, it’s clear that their farm system is filled with talented individuals poised to make an impact in the major leagues. From power-hitting outfielder J.J. Bleday to ace-caliber pitcher Sixto Sanchez, the Marlins have a promising future ahead. With a mix of dynamic middle infielders, electric right-handed pitchers, and toolsy outfielders, Miami has built a strong foundation for success. Keep an eye on these prospects as they continue to develop and contribute to the Marlins’ success at the highest level.